August 15, 2018


Welcome to Bali

At some point in your holiday it could be good to go & experience some local Balinese food. You can eat at a Warung (small usually family owned restaurants) or a Kaki Lima (three wheeled mobile carts) Below you find a few of the most popular dishes available. Selamat Makan (Happy eating)

Nasi Goreng (fried rice)  is the one of the most popular Indonesian foods meaning fried rice ,which is traditionally served with a fried egg. The dark brown color from the Kecap Manis (sweet soy sauce) distinguishes it from other popular Asian fried rice dishes. Nasi Goreng has been called the traditional dish of Indonesia.

Mie Ayam (Ayam is Indonesian for chicken ) is diced chicken in a dish of seasoned yellow wheat noodles (Bakmi). Often the dish is served with Bakso soup which can be eaten on it's own or together with the noodles.

Soto is the Indonesian word for soup.  Soto Ayam is the popular chicken soup found at almost every local res...

December 30, 2017

A few weeks a go we headed to Gili Air for a short birthday break & Bali escape, yes we need to escape Bali sometimes. We decided to use Patagonia Xpress a new fast boat service to the Gilis, we bought the tickets from their office in Dewi Sri for about $70 Aud return per person, the boat was large ,clean & offered snacks (for a price), movies & free wifi. For an extra $5 Aud we were picked up & returned to our accommodation in Legian. The boat left from Benoa Harbour (next to the airport) and only a short drive from Legian/Kuta. After a fairly long wait in Benoa waiting for others to arrive, we skipped the first stop at Padangbai as no passengers were boarding the boat from there, then we stopped at Gili T to drop off & pickup, again a long wait before we headed to Bangsal Lombok (the island opposite Gili Air) .From there we had to catch a local boat as many large boats aren't allowed to dock at Gili Air due to works on their jetty at the moment. That was an adventure in its self...

October 9, 2017

Bali's laneways allow you to see how the locals live, wander down and say Hi they will always be welcoming.

June 15, 2017

JAMU- Indonesian culture is rich with spirituality & natural healing ,using elixirs, tonics & ancient recipes.

Jamu is a traditional herbal medicine that has been made in Indonesia for centuries.

Ibu Dotty's Jamu tonic uses 100% natural & unprocessed ingredients including Turmeric, Tamarind & coconut sugar & is made from a recipe passed down from her grandmother. 

Now days Turmeric is known as the most powerful herb on the planet at fighting & potentially reversing disease. Ibu Dotty's customers buy her tonic to help heal a wide variety of ailments including stomach bloating & cramps, eliminating body odour & mood swings. It is also an anti inflammatory & anti depressant. This bright orange tonic is taken daily by locals & visitors all over Bali! Give it a try on your next visit.IBU DOTTY'S JAMU is available every Sunday at Samadi Sunday market in Jalan Padang Linjong Canggu.Checkout her facebook page for other stockists & more info on this amazing tonic Jamu Om...

April 27, 2017


Hi I wanted to share with you a restaurant that I love going to in Bali, 'Biku" is a gorgeous restaurant in Seminyak,that offers high tea, with cucumber sandwiches, yummy cup cakes, chocolate coated strawberries, short crust tarts filled with custard & decorated with strawberries & kiwi fruit, tiny little ginger bread men, plus lots more!!!

Yum!! Yum!!   (yes it is almost dinner time)

They offer over 40 different kinds of tea available (or Bubbles!) & along with the quaint crockery, floral cups with gold trim, tea pots with knitted colourful tea cosies (all straight out of grannies cupboards) they have the most fun magical napkins. A little wooden tray with holes on in it is placed on the table, with tiny compressed fabric, you pour water into the holes, pop in the wad of fabric and Voila! they expand before your eyes! 

Yes some of us are easily amused! 

Another amazing aspect of Biku besides the stunning interior of this 150 year old Teak Joglo ,...

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